Promotion Project Management Process

Evaluate the Promote Standards Service

There are three components of this service to evaluate:

– The promotion project management process
– The standards Project Management Templates documents
– The standards in use

Promotion should be evaluated using web-based surveys. Customers should be asked these questions:

– Are you aware of what standards your work must comply with?
– Are you sufficiently trained in these standards?
– Is the PMO keeping you up to date?
– Is the PMO supporting you in certification in standards appropriate to your career path?

Training in standards can be evaluated through the training mechanisms built into the Train Staff Service.

Periodically, the PMO should perform assessments to determine if external standards are relevant and being applied well, and if internal standards are in need of improvement. These assessments are best performed by a combination of web-based Online Project Management surveys and focus groups.

The standards in use are evaluated by project reviews and project audits. Assessments can be added if they are deemed valuable.

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