Outputs of a Project Management Methodology

Outputs for the Promote Project Management Methodology Standards Service

There are three outputs of the Promote Standards Service:
1. The List of Standards, which shows what Project Management Methodology standards are to be complied with, and provides access to the current versions of the standards
2. The standards themselves, whether internal or external
3. Compliance to the standards, demonstrated through controlling processes such as reviews, audits, assessments and <a href=http://www.method123.com>Project Management Templates</a>

The PMO Standards Expert takes the following eight steps to prepare the List of Standards.
1. Create a new document by copying the List of Standards Template.
2. Complete the information in the upper left.
3. Enter one version of one standard on each row. Put the name of the standard in the first column.
4. In the second column, enter (E) for an external standard that is maintained, updated, and authorized by an organization outside the company, and (I) for a standard that is maintained, updated, and authorized by a group inside the company.
5. In the third column in the <a href=/>Project Management Software</a>, enter the version number of the standard. As illustrated and discussed below, if multiple versions of a standard are being maintained, enter each version on a separate row, and use the “What must comply?” column to specify what projects or processes must comply with each version.
6. Create a link to the actual content of the standard in the Link column. Make sure that all people who should be allowed to read the standard, and only those people, can access the material at the target of that link.
7. In the Training column, create a link to training material about the standard.
8. In the “What must comply?” column, identify the projects, processes, or products that must comply with the standard. If two versions of the standard are listed, ensure that this column eliminates any ambiguity regarding which standard applies in any particular situation.

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