Project Office Tools

With the use of project office tools, you can proceed with the setup and installation of your project management office program easier and more efficiently so less time is wasted. The best tool available to assist in this setup is the project office checklist.

The project office checklist has all of the tasks and components that will be necessary to properly get your PMO up and operational in your organization. This will not only include what is needed, but the foundation on which it will stand. As an example is the location of your PMO. This will be critical to how effeicent this new group will operate once their work commences.

A critical component of your project office will be the actual infrastructure you place at its disposal. Without this group having the right resources at their disposal, their function as a critical component of your organization will be negatively affected. It would not make sense to have a receptionist in a closet or without a telephone. They could not perform the tasks they were employed to do. The same goes with your PMO group, they have to have the resources to properly perform their tasks and the authority to implement the standards and policies they were created to establish.

Another important factor that is included on the project office checklist is just what roles the different team members will play as part of the team.  Each team member must be picked to fill a specific role as part of the group. The tasks they are to complete and role they are to fill must be clearly defined in advance. This will help the new group to function as a group and be instrumental in performing the tasks they need to fulfill.

The need for a project office checklist to help bring your new PMO to operational statue is dependent on how well you wish this group to function when the team begins to perform the tasks required of them. This checklist helps to reduce a great deal of the guesswork in figuring out how the PMO is supposed to function. Without it will be like executing tasks by trial and error.

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