Project Office Checklist

The new project office checklist is designed to help make the installation and use of your project management office system faster, easier and more efficient. This has a list of equipment, the standards that need to be followed, the roles of the team members and their responsibilities and a list of all the process that need to be completed for the project management office program to be put in place and function as designed.

The function of the project office checklist is designed to help the right location for your team to be located within your organization. There is another section that helps you know what infrastructure is necessary to make full use of the abilities of the project management office program. Unless this is in place on time, the system many not function or could have a limited capacity to what it is intended to do.

Having a project office checklist in front of you when locating and procuring the correct hardware the first time will make the installation process go smoother and quicker. This will include all the required cables and attachments to bring the entire system up and online with no communication gaps.

The project office checklist also has the roles and responsibly of each team member that has to be assigned. This is important so the necessary tasks to complete the job can be done in an orderly fashion. Nothing spells confusion quicker than a team that has no direction or knowledge of just what tasks they are to accomplish.

When the appropriate time arrives, the project office checklist has the suitable standards and processes that are to be put in place in the correct order. If not done correctly, time and money could be lost when reinstallation in the proper order has to be reestablished.

The correct order of relevant project management templates is also on the project office checklist so each one is readily available when the need arises. Nothing wastes time more that having to look for a file when it is needed then having to load or create it.

The project office checklist is the right tools for the job to help you install the project management office program right the first time so it can be used by your staff as quickly as possible.

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