A project methodology sets the path ahead

A project methodology sets out the path on which your project will follow what is known to provide positive results for similar projects in the past. One of the most common of these known methodologies is the project life cycle methodology.

The project methodology that use the life cycle approach is a cyclic pattern which has known and well established phases that a project must proceed through during its duration. This is divided into 4 distinctive phases that must be completed before the next is to be started. This allows for a clear progression of just exactly where the project is at any moment of its life.

The reason managers use the project methodology life cycle is that the tasks that are needed to be accomplished in each phase are well defined. This way, there is no ambiguity on what needs to be accomplished, what should be completed next, and when each task should be completed. The order of each task is an important component of a project. When some tasks are done out of order, they end up having to be redone. This is a waste of money, time and manpower that has to be eliminated in order to be competitive on a global scale.

The use of the project methodology also brings structured and repeatable results to a business. This way, when similar projects are asked of a manager, they know exactly what needs to be done and the order in which it should all be accomplished.

There can be as many as 1500 different tasks in a project. Keeping them all straight is very difficult. When a project methodology is used, this simplifies the process. The use of software with this process is essential today and contributes to its efficiency. Not only are there examples to help explain the reason behind the tasks, but shows how it should be done with its results for the best possible outcome.

The project methodology are built to be used as a project management tool by the manager of a project to help streamline this process and eliminate unwanted steps that do not contribute to the deliverable’s quality, while not short stepping an essential task.

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