The Project Methodology

Choosaing the right project methodology is a very important step undertaken before a project can commence. This step in a project plan must be decided on so the rest of the plan can take place.

The right project methodology has several different determining factors. One of which is what is going to be the deliverable. A software program can not follow the same methodology as the production of an automobile part. This is the part of a project where the foundation is put in place to make the project run smoothly until its completion.

The correct project methodology can help solve many problems. One of these is to help explain to the team members of the project what to expect in each stage of the project. It can also define a common terminology to be used during the project. This way, the different members can understand and communicate effectively during each stage of the project.

The scale of the tasks being undertaken has to be considered when determining the project methodology, and the detail that is to be included. Consider the methodology that you are using if it is scalable to your project. The defining of the goals that are achievable, along with the flexibility, will also be a factor on which one is correct.

There are many different types of a project methodology, but for most practical purposes, there are only two, the waterfall method and the spiral. The waterfall has a step by step process that does not allow for the redesigning or back-stepping of a project. It has to be done right before the project can proceed to the next phase.

The spiral is a more realistic approach to a project methodology. This allows for adjustments to a project to be incorporated easier. By making a path for refining a product, the deliverable is generally better suited for the target audience, which then can generate a better revenue stream.

By following a project methodology, everyone involved will know what is occurring in every step of the way during a project, and can see what is going to take place in the future. By having less confusion, more progress can be made quicker and more efficiently.

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