Project Methodology Enterprise Edition

Q: How does the sales process work for MPMM Project Methodology Enterprise?

A: As you know, the Project Methodology Enterprise edition includes an open user license for the customers Organization. So this sales process works slightly differently to sales of our other editions which are described in the Reseller Information Pack you should have already. For the Project Manager Enterprise edition, here are the 5 sales steps:

1. Pre-Sale: You initiate the sales process as you do normally.
2. Order: When your customer is ready to purchase, they will send you a Purchase Order for the product. The PO needs to be made out to Method123 Ltd.
3. License: You will then send the customer the Project Methodology Enterprise License Agreement attached. You need to fill-in your Reseller details at the top and get them to sign and date it.
4. Processing: You then email us the Purchase Order along with the Project Methodology Enterprise License Agreement and we will take it from there. We will review the Purchase Order, sign the Enterprise License Agreement and send a copy to you and the customer directly. We will then send the customer the confidential Open Organization license key as well as an invoice for payment.
5. Commission: As soon as we receive payment from the customer directly and the payment has been cleared by our bank, we will post you a check for the commission (15%). It’s as simple as that.

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