Project Methodology – 200 Thousand Customers

MPMM today celebrated the use of it’s methodology by its 200,000th Project Management Template customer. “It’s fantastic” says Jason Westland, CEO of Method123. The project life cycle included within MPMM is used by project managers and teams in every country in the world. From Switzerland and Guatemala to the USA and Spain. MPMM has a higher market concentration than any other methodology or project management template product in the market” says Westland.

The MPMM product set has been developed, tested and supported by its parent company “Method123 Ltd”. It was initially introduced to the market in 2006 and has since been use in every industry project size that exists. The company is well on their way to meeting their vision of “becoming the worlds leaving provider of online project management solutions”. Method123 Ltd has also released to market, this Project Tracking Software.

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