Project Methodologies Multi-User / Server Edition

Can you give me a few technical details on the MPMM Project Methodologies multi-user / server edition?

Q: Which database technology is used – available?
A: The database we use is the Microsoft Jet Engine, which is compatible with all Windows platforms.

Q: What are the server requirements? Dependencies on existing software such as MS SQL, Oracle?
A: There are none. The database is just treated as a file. As part of the install process, you simply save the Database File to a shared folder and the clients can access it.

Q: What type of communication will take place between client and server? Direct database connections, XML?
A: Yes there is a direct connection between the client and the server, so there shouldn’t be any firewalls in between.

Q: Any idea on bandwidth requirements for clients to access the database?
A: Minimal. We have lots of customers in South Africa for instance, where bandwidth is usually fairly poor.

Q: Which technologies were used for the development of the MPMM Project Methodologies client application? Languages, applets?
A: We built the application using Microsoft .net

Q: The question about an ‘online project management version’ was a little ambiguous, apologies. My question was more about the availability of a cloud computing solution, a hosted solution or a web version being available?
A: Currently there is no web version available, but it is something we’re considering for the future.

Please let me know if you have any further questions. We would gladly help.

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