Project Methodologies – Installation

Question: How can I install the multi-user version of MPMM Professional, for our Project Management Life Cycle?

Answer: when you purchase a multi-user license to MPMM, then you will receive a serial number that allows the software to be activated on the number of devices that you have purchased. You will also receive instructions for installing the software on a shared platform. This software also helps with the Project Initiation phase in the life cycle.

You first need to get in touch with us and we will provide you with links to download the multi-user version to your PC. You can then install the client on your PC or laptop and as part of the installation process; you will be prompted to install the database in a central location. You can then install each of the additional PCs and as part of their installation process; you can connect them to the shared database that you are connecting to also. It’s that easy! Also check out our Resource Planning Software for managing your projects.

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