Project Managment Life Cycle and Macintosh

Project Managment Life Cycle and Macintosh

Q: Howdy, I actually have purchased your project management life cycle before. They were fantastic and got our department up and running in no time flat. I was just wondering why the new MPPM is not supported on the Mac OSX platform?

A: Hi. The main reason for not currently supporting OSX is that we plan to integrate with Microsoft Project in the future, and have been told that this is difficult on any platform other than Windows.

Q: I was unable to complete installation of the trial edition within the trial period assigned. When does the clock start ticking for the start of the trial period?

A: The clock starts ticking from the end of a successful installation, so if you haven’t managed to install it successfully yet, the trial will not have started. If your Technical Support team have any concerns or queries regarding the installation of MPMM, then feel free to give them our email address for support as we may be able to help them.

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The MPMM Support Team

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