Project Management Tools Guide Book

Some Reseller Questions:

1. The original project management tools guide book was branded with the AID (affiliate id). Can you do this with the new version?
2. Can we promote the Coupon Code and get a 10%
3. Do you have any other ‘specials’?

Here are the answers to your questions:

1. Yes you’re right, the original online project management guide book version did. However the supplier went out of business a few years ago and we haven’t been able to find a supplier who can brand eBooks dynamically since. If you come across someone, please let us know and we’ll signup.
2. Yes that’s fine. It’s the best way to get a commission on sales.
3. Good question. We do have sales in our monthly newsletter from time to time, but nothing that is enduring. If you have any other ideas for maximizing affiliate revenue that we can help with, please let us know

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