Project Management Templates that Help Plan Ahead

– Offer the service, and have all projects use the service. In this approach, the PMO provides a centralized service to all projects, keeping all plans up to date. This can reduce cost, especially in an environment where the PMIS is not fully automated and integrated. The risk associated with this approach is that the project managers may not be as aware of project status as they would be if they had to prepare the plans themselves. This is all usually keeped up to date using Project Management Templates that can help you plan ahead.

The PMO Manager should choose among these options based on these factors:

– Degree of automation of the PMIS. In a mostly manual environment, the Update Plans service is better centralized in the PMO, reducing the workload on project managers. In a highly automated environment, most update functions occur automatically as project managers do planning, team leads record progress on deliverables, and workers enter their timesheet information.

– Focus of the project managers. If the project manager is primarily responsible for scope, time and schedule, then the Update Plans Service is less necessary. If project managers are hired primarily for their industry-specific technical knowledge, then the Update Plans Service will support them by ensuring good project management software practice.

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