Project management software version upgrades

Q: I currently use the MPMM project management methodology – Professional edition. I am considering upgrading to the latest edition. Can you please tell me whether I can update through the click of a single button?

A: What you have asked for is a very reasonable request, however it is not as easy to implement. Software such as Microsoft Project, Adobe Professional and Word all require that you uninstall the old version before you install the new version. However in saying that, we are trialling a new technology at the moment that will allow us to do “in place upgrades”. This means that you will be able to open the MPMM project management software, click the “Settings” button and then select “Upgrade” to be able to upgrade MPMM to the latest edition, without having to do any other steps. The software would then backup your existing project management methodology data, download the latest version and install it (after uninstalling your existing project management software automatically) as well as license and activate automatically. It is a difficult process as we need to account for every different type of user platform in existence, but we believe that we should be able to meet this request within the next 3-4 months. A different version is the Project Management Kit.

The MPMM Support Team

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