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Q: What are the current limitations of the MPMM project management software?

A: At the moment MPMM allows you to implement a solid project management methodology for projects. It also allows you to put in place a common project management process and to use a single set of project management templates to create deliverables quickly and easily. In the future you will be able to more easily upload your project management templates into the software, customize those templates, auto-populate them with generic project information and then save those templates for specific projects. You will also be able to fill in the templates that you have created and generate project stores for each project, which contain all of the documentation that you have created for each project. You could say that since MPMM does not do all of these things quite yet – that they are limitations. We prefer to say that we have a lot in store for you for 2007!

The MPMM Support Team

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