Project Management Professional Reseller

As I will also be purchasing MPMM Project Management Professional and Project at the same time, I am interested to know whether there is any joint discount and also whether you have reduced the capability of MPMM Project Management Professional to develop and onward sell methodologies to clients in the light of the introduction of your enterprise version. Or has it remained the same?
I note also that you are quoting a discount coupon on your sites. Will this not contradict the reseller Coupon Code as it provides the customer with your discount and the resellers and I guess they will chose yours at the last moment? I haven’t been to the cart to see whether both coupons are available for entry but I suspect not?

Thanks for getting in touch. It’s great that you’re proceeding with purchasing both MPMM Project Management Professional and as they work nicely alongside each other. As you’re a reseller, you already get the maximum possible discount for the product, by using your reseller code in the “Coupon Code” field on the shopping cart.

And to answer your question, MPMM Project Management Professional has not changed at all, with the introduction of the Enterprise edition. In terms of the Coupon Code field on our shopping cart, this is the field that your clients enter the Reseller Code in. We’ve called it a “Coupon Code” instead of a reseller code, but they are the same thing.

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