Project Management Professional Enquiries

Project Management Professional Enquiries and Answers

What is the latest version of MPMM Project Management Professional?
The latest version is – but there are a few changes between previous versions.

Is this version aligned with the new PMBOK 4th Edition?
Mostly yes. You can have a look at how it is aligned here

Do you have a change log which highlights the changes from previous MPMM versions?
Yes we have one internally, but it’s confidential as it logs all of the bugs fixed and architectural changes.

What is the release date for MPOM? It seems to be in developer for a very long time now. Could I get access to alpha or beta content if available?
We have not been able to start it, because our site Project has taken off, consuming all of our spare resources. It is unlikely that we will be able to start it until early 2010.

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