Project Management Processes Publication Schedule

Here are some suggestions for creating the project management processes publication schedule:

– In determining the date that project management processes will be available to customers, pay attention to the size of the project management process set and whether or not project management processes acquired from external sources will be modified.
– In determining the start and end dates for training, consider the size and complexity of training content, and the number of trainees.
– In some cases, a process may be required for some projects, and optional for others. On this table, mark it as required, and enter the date it will be required. The details of which projects much use it will be entered on the List of Processes.

The Processes Training Plan

The PMO Processes Expert and the PMO Training Manager follow these eight steps to create and implement the Online Project Management Processes Training Plan:
1. Open a copy of the Processes Training Plan Template. Enter the general information at the top left.
2. Copy the list of standards from the Processes Publication Schedule into the Processes Training Plan.
3. Copy the version numbers into the Version # column.
4. Create one row for each training format. Each training program may be in an in-class format, a web-based format, and other formats for guided or independent study.
5. Copy the planned dates for the start and end of training from the Processes Publication Schedule.
6. Enter the planned dates for when the outline will be approved, when the materials will be prepared, and when test classes will be run. Make sure to allow sufficient time to complete each of these activities so that the class can be available on the date listed for training to be available using the Project Management Templates.
7. As work is completed, track the work by entering the actual dates deliverables are finished.
8. Whenever a set of processes is updated to a new version, enter a line on this schedule for each version of the training materials, and revise the training for that set of processes.

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