Project Management Process Templates

Project Management Process Templates

Q: Can you please tell me more about your project management process templates included within MPMM Professional?

A: There are more than 50 templates and forms included in the MPMM Standard and Professional editions, and they can all be extracted into MS Word and MS Excel to use on your projects. This includes the timesheets, expense forms and other resources. We also have a full online project management set at Project Manager .com.

Q: I just bought the project management process educational version. Great material! There seems to be no possibility of using the materials for making a Powerpoint presentation for my students. Do you have any Powerpoint material? Or is there a way to copy the graphs and some text to Powerpoint?  I can imagine that you are interested that as many as possible students get informed about this method, since they all are potential buyers.

A: Thank you for your email. We have needed to protect the text and charts from copying, to prevent people creating a similar product and selling it over the web, thereby competing with us.
However I understand your need to obtain text for your class. If there is a particular section of text or particular diagrams which you need, then please email us and we’ll see what we can do. Also, within the next 6 months, we plan to offer an Educational Partner Program for lecturers. The partner program will essentially include a suite of PowerPoint presentation material to help lecturers such as yourself teach MPMM project management process concepts. Also you can of course install on your laptop, a purchased version of MPMM, for presentation to students during class.

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