Project Management Process Groups

When you utilize project management process groups to develop your documentation for your next project, time and money can be saved. This is an advisable approach since there are nine different processes each project must have documented before it can move to the execution phase of its project lifecycle.

The use of project management process groups will also allow you to use experts for each process that can add depth and details to them. This is one of the better ways to help your project avoid the bottlenecks that sometime occur during the execution phase of the project. These bottlenecks are formed in many instances because of confusion from the team members when they attempt to follow the process as written because a detail has been left out.

The breakup of the project management process groups can be in time, change and tender as all separate. The ones that you might think about combining are risks and issues, quality and acceptance along with cost and procurement. The last three pairs of groups are very similar and are related to a point. While separate process documents must be created, one is dependent on the other for it to be accurate and detailed.

To help each of the project management process groups, the use of project management templates is advantageous. This is a preformatted document that has a set path for the information to be listed that follows the modern business practices of industry. This allows for easy completion of the documents once all the necessary data is collect on the process.

The project management process groups also like using the project templates since they already have charts and graphs layout in the documents ready for the data. This permits a subject to be visualized for clearer understanding by those having to complete the task in the execution phase of the project.

By making use of project management process groups to help with the design and completion of the documentation process for your next project, you can save time and money. This will not only help your project to move into the execution phase faster, but help make sure your project is a success.

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