Project Management Process Encompasses it All

What a project management process actually is, can be found in its title. It is the complete management process of a project that includes the planning, controlling of the processes and their performance so the conclusion of the project will be a success.

The inputs of a project management process include the documentation that is needed to progress with the project. This is the scheduling of tasks and the inspections to make sure they were completed correctly. The construction of the different templates that will be used during the course of the project are another input into this process.

A project management process is just like anything else, past mistakes can be avoided if they are studied and a lesson learned from them. For this reason previous projects that are similar should be studied. This should include in-company projects and external projects if possible.

The standards that regulate the project also have to be reviewed and documented as a reference. This is part of the project management process documents that need to be included in the final report at the conclusion of the project.

The resources that will be included are raw materials, equipment and manpower need to be identified and documented. These are the last components that need to be known before the work on the project can begin.

The project management process itself will include the 5 different stages of a project. There is the initiation, planning, execution, control and validation of the deliverable and the conclusion and evaluation of the deliverable.

The project management process is an integrated framework of how a project is to proceed from beginning to end in a cost efficient manner. It allows for an on time delivery of the product that is constructed during the project.  With the deliverable meeting or exceeding the acceptable standards that are set forth in the business plan the project can be considered a success.

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