Project Management Process Editor

Project Management Process Editor

Client Request:
The MPMM project management process Editor is pretty good as far as editors go, but it’s not as good as Microsoft Word. There are a few features that would be great for your to add, such as around working with tables and images.

Support Team Response:
Yes you are correct. The Editor included within MPMM project management process is the best HTML editor we could find. So why do we use an HTML editor in the first place? It is because the pages that you view are actually HTML pages. By using HTML, you can view the project management process content in a much higher quality than standard Microsoft Word or Excel format. The advantage is that that pages look great, they are crisp and clear and you can more easily navigate through the toolset, using a wide variety of navigation features. To allow you to edit the pages displayed in MPMM, we have included an HTML editor for you. Although we have included the best editor on the market, it is still not as good as the Microsoft Word editor, due to the investment that Microsoft put into Word. So what is the solution? We are currently looking into leading edge technology that allows us to embed a Microsoft Word editor into the MPMM project management process product set. In that way, you can still view and navigate online project management process pages, and use the editing features that Microsoft Word has to offer. It should give you the best of both worlds. It is a huge job and very leading edge, but we hope to complete this task within Version 4 to be released in the middle of 2007.

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The MPMM Support Team

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