Project Management Process and Microsoft Project

Project Management Process and Microsoft Project

Q: Hello,

1- How does MPMM compare to MS Project?
2- Does it allow the user to save projects? And in what file format?
3- Does it generate reports, graphs, analysis and comparisons charts?

A: To answer your questions…

1) MPMM Project Management Process describes how to undertake projects from end to end. The phases, activities and tasks described in MPMM can be used by users, to create a plan in MS Project. MPMM gives the user the knowledge required to create a successful MS Project Plan. Within MPMM, there are several example MS Project Plans which describe how to undertake a project, from Initiation and Planning though to Execution and Closure. There is also a Project Planning Template and Case Study which describes in depth, how to complete a project plan. The planning documentation included within MPMM is more comprehensive than that of any product we have ever seen in the industry.

2) MPMM Project Management Process and MS Project are independent tools. You use MPMM to gain the knowledge required to create a project plan, and then you use that knowledge to create your physical plan in MS Project. You can’t generate MS Project Plans from within MPMM, although MPMM includes several MS Project Plans which explain how to plan projects efficiently.

3) MPMM Project Management Process includes a suite of reports, graphs and comparisons – but from a “project management process” perspective. Basically, it uses graphs and reports etc to describe how to undertake projects. You should then use MS Excel and other related products to create graphs and reports for individual projects. However MPMM does include an entire suite of document templates, which can be opened in MS Word and Excel. So if for example, you wanted to create a Project Closure Report for instance in MPMM, then you can read how to do it in MPMM, then export the report template to MS Word (using the MPMM export button) and complete it for your project manager individual project.

The MPMM Support Team

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