Project Management Options for Tabs

Q: Can you please tell me what the various options are for tabs and how they work?A: Under the Tools / Options menu system, you will see the “MPMM Tab Options” button. Click it and 4 options will appear: Default Tabs, Minimum Tabs, Current Tabs, Latest Tabs. Here is a more detailed explanation of each:

Default Tabs: this will make sure that the tabs that are visible are the ones that were visible when you first opened this project management software

Minimum Tabs: if you only want the Home page to display on a single tab when you startup, then selection this option

Current Tabs: this will save the tab structure that you have open right now, and after you close and open this project management software, it will display the tab structure as you have it now

Latest Tabs: this will save the tab structure that is visible when you close this project software, and when you open it, the tabs that were visible when you closed it will reappear.

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