Project Management Methodology Training

To prepare all project management templates, checklists, schedules, and other forms for the Implement Methodology Service, refer to both the instructions in Providing Services, and also to the information and examples on this page. Prepare a copy of the Service Plan Template , the Service Evaluation Schedule, and the Service Improvement Schedule for the Implement Methodology Service.
In addition, the following additional service-specific forms are included in MPOM Template section for the Implement Methodology Service:
– Project Management Methodology Publication Schedule
– Project Management Methodology Training Plan
– Project Management Methodology Maintenance Checklist
– Project Management Methodology Outline Template

– Decide to offer. Decide whether or not to offer this service, and when to launch it.
– Define key features. Define the administrative information, key features, and benefits of the Implement Online Project Management Methodology Service.
– Prepare activity matrix. Define the activities that each team member will perform and assign the work.
– Define stakeholders, processes, and outputs. After key features are defined, continue to develop the service by completing the remaining sections of the Service Plan and additional templates.

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