Project Management Methodology Service

Provide the Implement Project Management Methodology Service

This section explains three aspects of the Implement Project Management Methodology Service:

– Implementation Process. The process of implementation includes creating a publication schedule and publishing the Project Management methodology, creating and implementing a training plan, and maintaining the Project Management Templates.
– Output: The Project Management Methodology. The output of the service is the project management methodology itself. The methodology will be available as a written document and embedded in standards, processes, and tools. It will guide the work of every project.
– Relationship to other services. Project Management Methodology implementation is a framework for all online project management, and therefore interacts with many other services.

Processes for the Implement Methodology Service:

Implementing a methodology can be accomplished by creating these three items, then performing the specified work:
– Methodology Publication Schedule. This schedule provides publication and training dates for each component of the methodology. It also identifies when each component will be required, that is, when project reviews will measure actual project management activities against that component of the methodology.
– Methodology Training Plan. The methodology training plans defines when training will be provided for each component, what type of training will be available, and who will be either required or allow to attend.
– Methodology Maintenance Checklist. This checklist includes all action items needed to keep the methodology up to date and to improve it in small ways. It should be updated monthly, and all small improvements should be implemented within a month.

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