Project Management Methodology & Primavera5

Customer Question

Could you explain what the difference between MPMM Project Management Methodology and Primavera5 is? As I am really interested to purchase MPMM Project Management Methodology, however can’t undertand the difference as they are both software.

MPMM Answer

Thanks for getting in touch. MPMM Project Management Methodology includes a complete suite of Project Management Templates including a step by step methodology to help you manage your projects. The templates take you through the process of delivering a project, step-by-step.

Whereas Primavera is project management software that helps you track projects. It doesn’t include any templates. If you are looking for project management software, then a good alternative to Primavera (which is expensive) is which is Online Project Management Software.

Let us know if you have any other questions. We’re here to help.

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