Project Management Methodologies Templates

Query: We are currently evaluating the MPMM project management software , and I would appreciate your feedback on the following questions:

– Which processes would be available to keep a set of customized project management methodology templates synchronised over multiple machines? Is there anything beyond manual export / import?
– Is there an ‘online version’ available, as indicated on a number of resources on the web?
– What does ‘server edition available’ mean in the list of version features?

Many thanks in advance for your feedback!

Reply: Thank you for getting in touch. I will answer your questions below in the same format:

– Yes. When multiple licenses are purchased, we can send you our multi-user / server edition. This allows you to install the database on a shared server and for all of your PC clients to access it. You need a single license for each PC client, that you wish to access the shared database. But you don’t need a separate license for the shared database itself.

– There is a version that you can use to post project management methodologies online. Please visit:

– This is the multi-user edition mentioned above.

Please let me know if you have any further questions. We are here to help.

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