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Tip on Project Management Methodologies

Did you wonder what the “Related Topics” panel was for on the left hand side of MPMM? In this panel, we list each of the topics that are related to the page that you are currently viewing in the primary Display Panel. So for instance, say you were reading about the Business Case Template, by clicking on the “Templates” tab and then selecting “Business Case” in the navigation panel on the left hand side. The Related Topics panel would display the pages that are directly related to the Business Case page template you are reading about, In the example of an MPMM Professional Edition user, there would be two items displayed – the Business Case lifecycle page (which tells you how to create a Business Case) and the Business Case “case study” which provides a practical example for implementing a business case).

If you are using the MPMM Professional edition, then you can choose which topics are displayed here. Simply duplicate the MPMM Project Management Methodologies (to provide it in an editable form) or create your own new project management methodologies, then edit your project management methodologies page and select “Related Topics”. This will display each of the related topics which are currently assigned to that page. From here, the Project Manager or team members can choose which pages are displayed under the Related Topics panel and how they are described.

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