Project Management Methodologies on the Web

Title Project Management Methodologies on the Web



In the future, we would like to release the MPMM Project Management Methodologies as a web platform.

How it would work is that user would download and install the methodology software on their corporate server, and their project managers and teams could use it to manage projects. The user can create their project management methodologies, add documentation and manage their templates all in one place. The challenge for us in doing this is protecting the intellectual property included within MPMM, as anyone would have access to the 1000+ content pages, templates and practical examples currently included. Without being able to protect the intellectual property, it’s difficult continuing with the web solution development. If you have ideas on how the MPMM Project Management Methodologies could be ported onto a web platform, while retaining the intellectual property rights to the content included, then let us know. We’d love to hear from you.

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