Project Management Methodologies New Help Section

Did you know…That MPMM Project Management Methodologies has a New Help section

That the Professional Edition of MPMM has a more comprehensive “Help” section? In this edition you can now find out all about using the new Methodology Manager functionality that has recently been released with MPMM Version 3.0

Firstly, you can find out how to use the MPMM project management methodologies and how to customize it. Of course, to customize MPMM project management methodologies, you will need to create a duplicate methodology and then customize your duplicate. The reason for this is that the core project management methodologies that comes with MPMM needs to be protected, so that you always have it to hand when you need to access it. So to allow you to customize MPMM project management software, we help you to create a duplicate of the MPMM methodology, and then to customize the duplicate. In this way, you will have a copy of the original methodology as well as the customized duplicate, which should perfectly fit your project management environment.

In the Help section of this project management methodologies, you can also learn how to create a brand new methodology and to create and edit pages within this methodology. Most Project Managers will have some form of methodology that they use to manage projects. By uploading this methodology (in the form of documents, reports, forms and templates that they currently use), you can link this content together within MPMM to form their own project management methodology or “project management process” for projects.

By reading the Help section, you can also learn how to import and export project management templates, as well as manage the methodologies that you’ve created.

The MPMM Support Team

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