Using the Project Management Methodologies Manager

Project Management Methodologies Manager

Client Request:
In the Methodology Manager, I want to be able to select and move pages in bulk.

Support Team Response:
Yes we can potentially enable this feature in the next version of MPMM Professional. At the moment, when you create a new project management methodology using the MPMM Methodology Manager, you select the methodology that you wish to alter and then copy / move in pages from other methodologies you have uploaded. The most frequent action taken by our users is to create new project management methodologies and then copy in a suite of pages from the MPMM online project management methodology itself. This means that users can create the basis for their own project management methodologies within minutes. As there are such a large volume of pages within MPMM project management methodologies, it could be worth adding the feature whereby you select pages in bulk to move, rather than the current method of moving them one by one. We will review this potential feature as we continue to work on MPMM Version 4.0, due out for release in mid 2007. Or you could have these Project Management Templates individually.

The MPMM Support Team

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