Project Management Methodologies for all Sizes

Different Project Management Methodologies for Different Sizes

Client Request:
Since most Project Managers manage projects of varying sizes, it would be great if there were 3 project management methodologies in MPMM rather than just one. The three project management methodologies would be for “small”, “medium” and “large” sized projects. I notice in the “Project Sizing” page in MPMM that you’ve already thought about the phases and activities that would be included in a project, depending on its size – so it would be a logical extension if you were able to turn the current methodology into 3, one for each project.

Support Team Response:
Yes you are right. When users download the MPMM project management methodology, the methodology included is geared towards larger projects. The theory is that users read the “Project Sizing” page and it tells them which phases, activities and tasks they should perform for small, medium and large scale projects. We are currently considering whether in the Professional Edition, you could use the Methodology Project Manager to “select” the size of project you’re about to undertake and then the relevant project phases, activities tasks appear as a discrete methodology. There is only one side effect of implementing this neat feature and that is that as we’d be supplying you with 3 project management methodologies “out of the box” rather than one, the download file size from our website would increase dramatically. However there are ways to potentially solve this challenge, so we have added your request to our project management life cycle development plan.

The MPMM Support Team

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