Project Management Methodologies during Closure

Q: Hi. We have delivered our project on time and under cost and we’re now ready to close. We think it’s been a great achievement, but we want to make sure that the project is closed properly so that staff leave with a great feeling knowing that they have achieved something great. What should we do?

A: The project closure phase is usually rushed by project managers and teams, even though they often use project management methodologies. In our project management methodology, you need to take these step to make sure that your project is closed quickly and efficiently. First, review the project completion criteria to determine whether it’s ready for closure. Then if it is, identify any outstanding items and hand the deliverables and final project documentation over to the customer. Then relesae your suppliers, resources and equipment allocated to the project. This includes all staff and contractors. And the final step is to communicate the project closure to all of the project stakeholders.

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