Project Management Life Cycle Released

Project Management Life Cycle Released

Method123 Ltd, a Project Management Company, is about to release in the next 2 weeks, the updated version of its entire project management life cycle on the web. The MPMM (Method123 Project Management Methodology) is based on the PMI PMBOK® and Prince2® worldwide standards for Project Management.

La Habra, CA (PRWEB) April 11, 2006 — MPMM will be the first software product in the world to provide a complete Project Management Life Cycle from end-to-end. It will help Project Managers to deliver projects by successfully undertaking the project management phases: Initiation, Planning, Execution and Closure. By gaining the knowledge contained within the product and using the template and case study tools, Project Managers will be able to deliver projects faster and more efficiently than ever before.

“Our vision is to empower Project Managers to succeed,” says Jason Westland, chief executive and founder of Method123 Ltd.

“Once released, MPMM will help managers and teams to carry out and complete their projects successfully. By using industry standard templates, Project Managers will benefit from reduced project costs, faster delivery cycles and enhanced quality of deliverables,” says Mr Westland.

“We believe that MPMM will provide the most comprehensive Project Management Life Cycle available for download on the web. We already have it installed in a suite of organizations and we’re getting great feedback from our customers.”

MPMM will be available in 3 separate Editions. The “Professional Edition” will enable project management professionals to adopt a methodology for all project sizes, types and industries. The “Standard Edition” will enable managers and teams to successfully undertake small to medium sized projects, by providing a customized methodology for their particular project environment. The “Educational Edition” will help lecturers and students to teach and learn how to successfully undertake projects.

Project Management Consultants and Trainers will also find the tool beneficial, as they need to use a repeatable methodology for delivering client projects and training customers in project management.

In additional to providing an entire Project Management Life Cycle, MPMM also includes the complete set of templates required to create project deliverables quickly and efficiently. By using these templates, the Project Manager, teams, consultants and trainers no longer have to start from scratch.

To help Project Mangers to truly understand what it takes to deliver projects, Method123® have also released in MPMM, a full suite of Case Studies. “These Case Studies provide a complete worked example for every step in the Project Management Lifecycle” says Mr Westland. “Each Case Study describes in depth, how a particular project activity has been completed for an organization, the experiences they have had and the learning’s that they have gained from it.”

Mr Westland says that after the release of MPMM, 3 other business critical project management methodologies will be made available, namely MPOM (a Project Management Office Methodology), MPGM (a Program Management Methodology) and MPFM (a Portfolio Management Methodology). This will complete the entire suite of project management methodologies needed to ensure the success of projects, programs and portfolios within an organization.

Method123 currently has more than 45,000 customers in 60 countries worldwide.

The MPMM Support Team

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