Project Management Life Cycle Recent Questions and Answers

Project Management Life Cycle Recent Questions and Answers

Question: “How can I get Training in MPMM?”
Answer: “Email us to tell us about your locality and your training requirements. We have a number of partners worldwide who provide MPMM training and will be able to help you.”

Question: “How is MPMM related to Prince2 and PMBOK”
Answer: “MPMM project management life cycle was created with both the PMBOK and Prince2 in mind. We couldn’t create it to directly duplicate these 2 worldwide project management standards, due to intellectual property issues. So instead we created a detailed project management framework that is aligned with each standard. This means that the phases, activities and tasks that you complete in MPMM, are similar to that of PMBOK and Prince2.”

Question: “How is MPMM different from Prince2 and PMBOK”
Answer: “MPMM has a lot more depth. Prince2 and PMBOK are fantastic worldwide standards. MPMM adds depth to these standards by describing how, when and who completed every step in the Project Management Life Cycle. It also has a suite of project management templates and case studies to help you implement them. MPMM also has some additional processes around supplier management procurement and project communications that are not represented in the PMBOK and Prince2 standards.

Question: “How do I implement MPMM (Project Management Life Cycle)?”
Answer: “After downloading MPMM project management life cycle from and installing it on your PC, you will want to use it for live projects. In Version 3.0, we have a comprehensive tutorial that describes how you implement it, based on the nature of your role. The first step will be to apply the Work Breakdown Structure to your project, by aligning your project plan with the MPMM project plan. Then complete each of the MPMM online project management activities to deliver your project. You can customize MPMM to make sure that the activities completed are 100% relevant to your particular project environment.

Question: “If I buy MPMM now, will I get Version 3.0 for free?”
Answer: “Good question. Yes, during 2006 we have a special on whereby you get free maintenance. This means that if you purchase any edition of MPMM, you will get access to the customer downloads area for free, for 12 months. In this area, you can download the latest version of MPMM for free.”

The MPMM Support Team

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