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Project Management Life Cycle Templates

Q: Does the Educational version include the project management life cycle templates? Can we view, print and export them? Does it replace Microsoft Project?

A: Firstly, with regards to your question. The Education Edition is designed for Students and Instructors of the Project Management discipline. It does not include the templates in any way, shape or form. Both the Standard and Professional versions do. The Professional edition includes more project management life cycle templates than the Standard Edition.

The templates contained in the two editions are meant to be an aid to you developing the online project management documents that suit your project’s unique requirements. You can view the project management life cycle¬†in MPMM and you can both print the templates from within MPMM and export the templates to either Microsoft Word or Excel (depending on the project management template). Once in this format you can modify them at will to meet your needs. You can also import the project management life cycle¬†templates back into MPMM so that MPMM can act as the storage site for your unique business process (in addition to keeping the original unaltered templates).

MPMM is not meant to replace Microsoft Project (for example) but rather to be in itself a companion tool to such programs. I mentioned Microsoft Project in particular as we are intending for MPMM to be able to be fully integrated with MS Project in the hopefully not too distant future.

The MPMM Support Team

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