Project Management Life Cycle for Consultants

Project Management Life Cycle for Consultants

Q: As a consultant, how can I use MPMM to help me grow my consulting practice?
A: The latest version of MPMM, V3.0 which was released last weekend, includes a wealth of new features that help you to grow your consulting practice. By following the project management life cycle it helps you to:

  • Market to new clients
  • Create client proposals
  • Formalize your client contract
  • Manage your client projects
  • Create client deliverables
  • Perform reviews and audits

The reason why MPMM V3 helps you to do this, is that it now includes the “Methodology Project Manager‘, Using this feature, you can create and customize methodologies for your projects. In fact, you can now customize any of the content within MPMM which makes it a great project management life cycle.

Q: When can I become a Reseller?
A: We are currently finalizing the terms of the Reseller Program. It will be released before Christmas.

The MPMM Support Team

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