Project Management Execution Phase

Title Project Management Execution Phase

Description The longest phase of a project is the project execution phase.

Keywords execution phase of project management

Tell me which activities are included within the Project Execution Phase?

Well there are a suite of activities that are included within this phase which is typically the longest phase in the project management life cycle. They include the physical construction of each of the deliverables which are going to be presented to the customer. These deliverables form the body of work which was agreed with the customer at the outset for delivering the project. The deliverables in total comprise the full scoop of the project and that scope is produced for the customer within the project plan which was defined at the start of the project initiation phase of the project. While the deliverables are being constructed by the customer there are a number of project management processes which are undertaken by the project manager to enable monitoring and control of the scope of the project. This includes project time management, cost management, change, risk and issue management, as well as procurement, acceptance and communications management. Each will be defined separately in subsequent issues of this blog.

The project execution phase is not only the lengthiest phase in the life cycle it is typically the most expensive. This phase consumes the majority of resources allocated to the project, including time, people, equipment and money.

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