Project Management Copyright

Q: I recently downloaded your 14 day trial package. I haven’t had time to look at it all, but maybe you can answer a quick question. I realize that the templates are copyrighted at the bottom of each page. If we bought the package, would we have to leave that on? If it becomes an internal document we would like to customize each document to reflect our company logo etc.

A: Since you can easily export the project management processes, templates and content out of MPMM, we have taken a few actions to make sure that the intellectual property we have created is protected. If we allowed you to replace our copyright notices with yours, then we would in effect be handing over the ownership of the intellectual property to yourself. For this reason, we have said in the project management license terms and conditions that you need to retain all copyright notices for content which originates from the product you have bought. However if you customize this content or add new content of your own, then you may add your own copyright notice alongside ours.

The MPMM Support Team

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