Project Management Consulting Office

Q: Does MPMM provide in Europe any project management consulting methodology implementation services and methodology-adjustment services directly?

A: We are purely a product company. Our resellers can offer services on our behalf (see

Q: Has MPMM got a methodology describing Project Management Consulting Office processes & services?

A: MPMM does include some PMO activities. Take a free trial
( and when MPMM opens, look under the Project Life Cycle / Project Initiation Templates section

Q: Does MPMM provide in Europe any certification services for organizations, and can certify that the whole project management system established in an organization (a company) is aligned to the Method123 Methodology? If yes, what are the conditions to achieve that certification? What is the certification process? What does this certificate say? How long is the certificate valid? What is MPMM responsibility for the system, when system is certified? Who has been certified in Europe?

A: We don’t have such a certification program, although we do intend to build one in the future.

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