Project Management Case Study

What exactly is involved in a project management case study is dependent on the desired outcome of the person or group conducting it. There are several different approaches that can be taken but the end results should be the same. These results will be in the acquisition of needed information that can be applied to your business or project for future use.

In a project management case study the person conducting it should be looking for information that will assist them with their work. This can be within their company or outside of it. Both of these avenues should be used for the best possible results in the quest for information. Ideally the outside source should be one of your competitors, but this is very difficult to obtain.

The reason a project management case study of your competitor is difficult is the availability or access to the required documents to perform this task. Usually this is proprietary information that is not shared to the general public which is the reason it is so hard to get your hands on it. There are some instances where they publish it online to attract business and it can be accessed then, but this is only limited information then.

The best source for a project management case study is within your own company. There you will have access to all of the required documents so a thorough job can be done. This examination should be looking for items that contributed to the success of past projects. You should also be looking for items or processes that are unique to your company. There have been instances where a unique process is the only path a process at a company can be preformed because of certain circumstances. These are easy to spot if many similar documents of several projects are examined and their similarities are noted.

The information taken away from a project management case study is dependent on what you are looking for and how hard you look for it. This is a case of you take away what you put into it.

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