The purpose of project management case studies

The purpose of project management case studies is to learn from the past. This is a valuable source of information that should never be wasted or discarded. The information that can be learned will cover the entire project process with both the good and bad included. Just like with history in general, those that do not study the past are doomed to repeat its failures.

The project management case studies and their review should include both the successful ones and the ones that failed from the past. In both instances, the economic conditions of the business sector, health of the company and available resources should be noted for further reference. It should also be remembered that just because an approach to a project of the past failed does not mean that with new conditions it will fail again.

The opposite is also true that will be seen with project management case studies. A successful project might no longer have a viable approach in the present time and could fail when applied in the future. How the time was managed along with the quality of the deliverable, the different risks, and issues that were encountered during the project all have to be factored into the analysis.

The best approach that has been found to using what can be found in project management case studies is a composite approach. This is to take the factors and sections of a past project that match up best for the current situation that is relevant. Then, apply them into your project and its economic situation. There will never be just one that is 100% applicable, but the different parts that can be found will be relevant.

The best place to find the most applicable samples of past project management case studies is in the archives of your business. There you will find how others have used the equipment and other resources to the fullest, while making the management satisfied with the results.  Nothing is foolproof, but this is a good start.

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