Reviewing project management case studies

By reviewing several project management case studies, a project manager can learn many things. This will include not only what other project managers have done correctly in the past, but what does not work well in certain situations.

For this reason all project management case studies can be used as a source of information. What every person knows that has ever run a project is that each project is different. No two will be exactly alike because there will always be different variables involved. These variables can include the time when the project is undertaken, the economic situation of the industry, the availability of the raw materials, and the demand from the market place of the deliverable. Each of these will have an influence on the project and its success.

Other things the review of project management case studies that can be revealed is the comparison of those projects created with the assistance of a project management template programs and those without. These template programs are to help speed up the process of creating the project plans and all the necessary documentation that has to be completed. The review can not only reveal if this was done, but also the completeness of the planning processes itself.

How thorough a project is planned out is directly related to how successful it was. This is exposed in the project management case studies that are easy to identify. This can be seen when very little to no new procedures have to be created during the execution phase of the project. These new procedures can be readily identified by their approval dates.

Like with life, the project management case studies are most beneficial when a manager observes the mistakes that were made in past projects. Learn not only from one’s mistakes but that of others can help prevent them from occurring in the future.

That is the main purpose and focus of observing previous project management case studies, to not make the same mistakes that caused problems in the past. It can also give project manager ideas of what might work for them in their particular need when running a complex project.

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