Project Closure Phase

How do I close my project?

Using MPMM you will undertake a number of activities prior to closing your project. Firstly it is important to note that you should not consider undertaking project closure until each of the deliverables that have been produced by your project has been formally accepted by your customer. At that point once your customer has signed off each deliverable produced and has agreed that your project has meet all of the requirements of the project as defined by the project plan set up at the start of project initiation, then you are ready to start the project closure process. This includes releasing all of the staff, terminating supplier contracts, releasing contractors, releasing equipment, materials and other resource types seconded to the project. It also includes the filing of documentation, the cessation of office premises, and the final step in the project closure phase is to communicate to customers that the project is now fully closed and a post implementation review may be conducted.

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