Professionalism using Project Management Methodology

MPMM Customer Questions and Answers

1. I’d like to be professional in management, so my question is, is this online project management program enough to lead me to be a project management professional to manage my projects?
Yes MPMM Professional contains all of the information you require, to become a professional project manager.

2. I plan to get a PMP certification, what is your advice for this?
Yes we agree that the PMP certification is the best in the market, so you should certainly get it.

3. Does the MPMM Project Management program includes help documents that I can print it and use as a good guide during work?
Yes MPMM includes help documents, as well as templates and “how to” guides. The MPMM Project Management Methodology also provides you with case studies to help you view examples of other projects.

4. Is it possible to attend a seminar or get training through the internet after I purchase the MPMM Project Management Software?
We don’t offer formal training in our products. They are intuitive, so you will be able to use them easily without it.

5. Will I receive upgrade and will it be easy to upgrade the project management software?
You will be able to upgrade to the latest version for free, any time within the next 12 months.

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