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How to submit feedback about MPMM? Whether you’re using MPMM in commercial use, or simply as a trial, then you will notice things that work perfectly, and other things that could be improved. If you have any thoughts, feelings or notice things that could be changed about this project management methodology, then please email us at

We are looking in particular for:

  • Ideas for new features
  • Bugs or errors with the existing version
  • Ways of improving the ease of use
  • Feedback in general about the project management tools we provide.

We take all of our feedback seriously. By telling us what you like or don’t like about this product, we can improve our offering for project managers. As we add more features and content to MPMM Project Management Methodology, we don’t typically put the price up – so why not tell us everything you notice about the product, so that we can “pack as big a punch as possible” within the current product set.

Also, if you know of another product that competes with it, then tell us about the differences between the two. We’d like to know the strengths and weakness of both products, so that we can improve MPMM and meet our company vision of being the “known worldwide leader for Project Management Methodologies”.

The MPMM Support Team

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