Processes for the Promote Standards Service

The process of promoting standards is completed by planning and executing these three items:

РThe Standards Publication Schedule lays out the overall plan for publishing and promoting project management methodology standards.
– The Standards Training Plan is the plan for educating all who need to comply with standards in those standards.
– The Standards Maintenance Schedule tracks all work necessary to keep standards up to date.

Standards Publication Schedule

Follow these nine steps to create and implement the Standards Publication Schedule:

1. Review the Standards Adoption Schedule from the Standards Execution Plan using Project Management Templates.
2. Open a copy of the Standards Publication Schedule. Enter the general information at the top left.
3. Copy the first column of the Standards Adoption Schedule into the Standards Publication Schedule. Each standard in the adoption schedule should be listed in the publication schedule.
4. Enter the version number of each standard in the Version column.
5. Copy the last column of the Standards Adoption Schedule, the date each standard is complete, and enter it as the planned date available to customers.
6. Plan the dates that training will be available, and enter the first training date in the Training Available: Planned column and the last in the Training Complete: Planned column.
7. In consultation with the team that performs Project Plan reviews, set a planned date for when this component of the standard will be required for projects under review or audit. This date should be after the Training Complete date.
8. Whenever a standard is being updated to a new version, create a new line in this table, repeating steps 3 through 7.
9. Perform the work necessary to publish, provide training for, and review compliance with each standard. Enter the actual date these activities are complete in the columns for actual dates.

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