Printing your project management process

Q: I have had a brief review of your project management life cycle, but at my age I dislike reading long documents on my PC. Do I have to purchase your software in order to print a copy of your life cycle or can I purchase a hard copy for my review?

A: At the moment there are two options. You can purchase the book (go to Amazon and type in “Jason Westland” as the author and you will find the book version of MPMM called “The Project Management Life Cycle”. Or you can print each page within the product individually. We have added your request to our feature list under development. Within the next 6 months we will release a new button within MPMM that allows you to be able to print whole sections, or the entire product, as a manual with the click of a single button. The reason why we have not provided this feature to date is that most people want to quickly find specific information relating to a particular project management topic, and to do that, it is best to navigate the content within the tool. Few people want to sit down and read 1000 content pages, templates, case studies and practical examples in a row. However we honour your valuable feedback and will grant your request in the next major version of the project management software.

The MPMM Support Team

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