Prepare Project Management Templates

To prepare all project management templates, checklists, schedules, and other forms for the Update Plans Service, refer to both the instructions in Providing Services, and also to the information and examples on this page. Prepare a copy of the Service Plan Template, the Service Evaluation Schedule, and the Service Improvement Schedule for the Update Plans Service.

In addition, the following additional service-specific forms are included in MPOM Template section for the Update Plans Service:

– Project Planning Procedures provides the procedures for re-baselining and updating online project management plans.
– Program Planning Procedures provides the process for updating program plans.
– Portfolio Planning Procedures provides the process for updating portfolio plans.

Instructions for completing these items are on this page. All PMOs providing the Update Plans Service will use the Project Planning Procedures. If a PMO is also tasked with keeping program or portfolio information up to date, those procedures are available as well.

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